Global Warming-What Would It Take to Change Your Mind

I’ve just started reading a book I just picked up yesterday from Fireside Books here in West Bend.  It’s titled “What’s the Worst that Could Happen?” by Greg Craven.  I have to confess that I haven’t devoted much time to becoming informed on the global warming debate.  This book looked like a good place to start.  I’ll admit right off that my inclinations rest on the side of the current consensus among climatologists that global warming is real and is being accelerated by our carbon emissions.  I have a hard time buying that the 2,500 or so scientists that are researching this are involved in some kind of conspiracy to keep their grant dollars flowing in.  I also have a hard time buying the notion that the petroleum companies aren’t influencing the debate through their dollars flowing to anti-global warming scientists and organizations.  And most importantly, I feel that we need to have respect for the scientific process.

At any rate, on page 18 of the book, the author asks the reader to come up with a description of what it would take to change your mind about your position on the debate.  You’re supposed to write down your description on the back cover of the book, but I decided to do mine online.  Here is what it would take for me.  I would need to see more than just the current email scandal that broke just before the Copenhagen summit and more than the admission that the IPCC report got the rate of glacier melting incorrect.  I would need to see more than just attorneys, political activists and scientists from outside the field of climatology writing books supposedly exposing the untold secret of the global warming conspiracy.  I would need to see the global warming deniers publish their own research in reputable scientific journals and present their findings at reputable scientific conferences.  I would then want to see their research repeated by other climatologists and I would want to see them get the same results as the denialists.  And lastly, I would want to see the current consensus shift, from human caused warming to natural warming.


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