School Board Election Tomorrow

As we go to the polls tomorrow to vote for school board we need to remember one thing about the candidates.  Kathy Van Eerden and Lynn Corazzi are the two candidates who will allow science to be taught as determined by scientists, whereas Randy Marquardt and David Wiegand think they know enough to declare evolution and global warming false science.  Randy has also made many statements that would seem to indicate a very anti-intellectual attitude and general disrepect for expertise and knowledge.  These are not the kind of people that should be running an academic institution.  They would have us return to the early 19th century for our scientific knowledge.  They claim they are running to fix the supposed fiscal mess the district is in.  Don’t believe them.  If you want to see what happens when known creationists run for school board while claiming they are only running because of a concern for the financial shape of the district, look no further than Dover, PA.  If you don’t want to see what happened there happen here, vote Van Eerden and Corazzi.

For more interesting information on the Kitzmiller v. Dover trial see The Devil in Dover by Lauri Lebo and 40 Days and 40 Nights by Matthew Chapman.


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