Repeating Tired Arguments

One of the biggest arguments creationists make against evolution is that it is an unproven theory.  For an example of this take a look at this thread over at Boots and Sabers, paying close attention to Smeety’s comments.  Notice how he throws out several challenges to evolution supporters to come up with explanations for  the supposed holes in the theory of evolution and how, when he is provided with explanations and sources to go to for more information, continues to repeat his mantra that evolution is unproven.  He never addresses those sources or the arguments that I and others make in answer to his challenges. 

Why he continued to repeat that argument over and over again is anybody’s guess.  It was an argument that has been dealt with and dismissed by many.  If he wants to try to change people’s minds, repeating an argument over and over again that your opponent has refuted time and again isn’t going to get the job done.  It was also something that I witnessed at a creation and evolution debate about 15 years ago.  The debate was between Dr.  Walter Brown Jr. anda  professor of philosophy from the University of Minnesota.  At that time I considered Walter Brown to be one of the best creation scientists out there and I had read many of his books and had attended his seminars before.  I had found his Hydroplate Theory, his alternative to plate tectonics and his explanation for where the water for Noah’s Flood came from, to be absolutely fascinating and an iron clad argument for creation. 

I couldn’t wait for the debate to begin and watch him mop the floor with the liberal atheist on stage with him.  It was certainly a rout, but it wasn’t Dr. Brown doing the mopping.  I was immensely disappointed with him.  He was using arguments that were 10 to 20 years old while all the research that the professor referred to was no more than a year or two old and much of it was just weeks or months old.  He avoided addressing all the new evidence for evolution.  Very much like Smeety, he kept repeating the same arguments over and over again during his debate, even after the professor provided evidence against those arguments.  Dr. Brown didn’t even bother to rebut the professor’s rebuttals. 

I was angry.  I felt Dr. Brown had made creationists look like fools.  I made a decision that night.  I decided it was impossible for creationists to argue in such a way as to make creationism look logical and that we were only harming ourselves in trying to argue for creation.  It was going to have to be a matter of faith to accept that the Bible is right and that evolution was  a delusion created by Satan to blind the eys of the unbelievers of this world.  I came to the conclusion that night that the only way to convince people of the truth of creation was to bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and then He would open their eyes to the truth. 

So like Smeety, I dismissed evolution as an unproven theory and instead of looking further into the claims of the professor, I decided to ignore them altogether and dismiss them as Satanic lies. 

I can’t imagine going back to living in that kind of darkness.  It actually takes a lot of effort to continually dismiss all of the new scientific findings regarding evolution.  Almost everyday it seems,  fossils of never before discovered organisms are being found that further evolutionary theory.  New advances in our understanding of genetics are providing new evidences for common descent that is even stronger than the fossil evidence.  The only way to maintain faith in the Genesis account of creation is to deny all of this and dismiss it all by telling yourself over and over again, it’s just an unproven theory, it’s just an unproven theory, it’s just an unproven theory.


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