Potential New Hominds Found

  The creationists will dismiss this as just another ape and confidently proclaim to their followers that science still hasn’t found any transitional species of humans.  They have to as you saw from the Statement of Faith of Answers in Genesis.  They have been doing this for decades and they will continue.  In fact, read this blog entry on the Discovery Institute’s website.  This is a perfect example of the kind of denial that creationists have needed to practice when finds like this come up.  Notice how the writer uses the disagreement among the paleontologists as to whether this is really a hominid to his (at least I think it’s a he, the name Cassey could go both ways I suppose) advantage.  He uses a common practice called quote mining to make it look like the scientists don’t know what they are talking about.  Taken out of context and in isolation, the quotes almost make the scientists look anti-evolutionary. 

What really irks me about the Discovery Institute post is that this guy is dismissing the research of real scientists who have been working in the field and actually examining the real fossils themselves.  Typically these announcements aren’t made until several years after the fossils are initially discovered, brought back to the lab and analyzed over those several years by a team of scientists.  Yet, the creationists dismiss this new find with a few strokes of their keyboard in just one day.  This is why creationists don’t get any respect in their fields.  They don’t practice science.  They only denigrate the work of real scientists.


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