The Persecution Complex In Action

Ginny has linked to a post by another blogger (which seems to be all she does on her blog) about a horrible violation of Christian liberty.  The Menomonee Falls Library censored some student art that contained Bible verses.  First off, let me say that I fully agree that the library was out of line here.  Apparently some employee of the library who either doesn’t understand the separation of church and state issue or got spooked by some complaints covered the Bible verses up with stickers.  After several complaints and the usual ranting on Saint Belling’s radio show, the library realized they were in the wrong and took down the stickers. 

But the library coming to their senses didn’t stop the religionists from crying persecution, communism, socialism and the end times.  For a prime example of the persecution paranoia of fundamentalist Christians, check this comment from Melchert’s blog on the subject:

As I was born in the Village, I feel the need to speak on this…

The people of Menomonee Falls, and indeed the whole of the former “Constitutional Republic”, have accepted and are currently fully adopting marxist socialism as their chosen form of mis-governance.

You may do the following;
1) Submit to the tyranny, the example of censorship above being just the most recent and glaring.
2) Stop supporting the “government” that blatantly oppresses you.

Do not ever think this does not go on else where… they automatically thought you “American citizens” were cowed enough to allow this to pass unheeded, and as a result had to back track for purposes of public relations.
Yet, even a few months could mean the difference between outraged phone calls, and total subservience to the “new normal”.

It’ll be interesting to see the comments you get here, once this goes viral.

Comment by Randall — April 8, 2010 @ 10:12 am

This comment was made after another commenter posted an apology from the library stating the artwork would be displayed with no censorship.  Folks, this is just frightening that this kind of thinking is becoming more and more common among conservative Christians.  Take a step back and look at the grand scheme of things here.  A library in a small Wisconsin town, violated the free speech rights of some children.  After being told they were in the wrong, and having the village attorney confirm they were wrong, they correct the situation.  How is this considered tyranny?  Randall, in his comment I quoted, says this stuff (government violating the rights of Christians) goes on all over the place.  Which is easy to believe when all you listen to is VCY America, Glenn Beck and Phyllis Schlafly or if you get your daily dose of news from World Net Daily.  They would have you believe that this is rampant and is only getting worse, but they never actually provide any studies or data that would support their claims.  If you ever follow through on the stories of Christian persecution in America these people tell day after day, you will more than likely find that the perpetrators of the violation were forced to correct their actions, either through the complaints of citizens or through lawsuits. 

So stop and think this whole issue through.  The First amendment worked.  The citizens petitioned their government for a redress of grievances and the government corrected the grievance.  Oh, the humanity, the tyranny, what is this country coming to?


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  1. Just wanted to reiterate that said comment was from another Randall and not myself. With all the Randys it can get confusing.


  2. Thanks for the clarification. I should have been more carefull to point that out.


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