Les Kinsolving-Racist Revisionist

World Net Daily sure isn’t disappointing today in the absolute absurdity coming from their website.  Les Kinsolving in this piece labels those critical of Virginia’s proclomation of Confederate History Month as history distorting Confederate bashers.  He believes that black slaves willingly fought to protect the contry they loved, but had them enslaved.  People who wish to minimize slavery as a cause for the war usually cling to this belief.  This hasalso been a controversial topic in Civil War history, but the bottom line is that they served as slaves to the white soldiers and officers of the Confederate Armies.  Near the end of the War Jefferson Davis had considered freeing the slaves and drafting them into the army.  However, even in the desperate last year of the War, his Congress refused to hear any of it.  Also, as depicted in the movie “Glory”, they had issued proclomations that any black soldier fighting for the North that was captured would be thrown back into slavery or killed on the spot along with their commanding officers. 

PZ Meyers over at Pharyngula has an interesting post regarding the issue of slavery and the Civil War.


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  1. Posted by Dave on April 13, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    WBFreethinker, thank you. You offer a local voice of reason in a wilderness of paranoid fearmongering, unquestioning acceptance of superstitious nonsense, and irrational hatred for change or anything that is “different.” Please keep up the good work.


  2. Thanks, Dave.


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