World Net Daily: Atheists are Evil

Read this article carefully.  First, he refers to an article about Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchen’s supposed desire to arrest the Pope.  The articlehe refer’s to  misrepresents what this half of the apocalyptic horsemen are trying to do.  Read what it is that Dawkins and Hitchens really think about this here.  Near the end of the article he says this:

Unfortunately I must end in bathos, with a necessary correction of a damaging error in another newspaper. The Sunday Times of 11 April, on its front page, printed the headline, “Richard Dawkins: I will arrest Pope Benedict XVI.” This conjures up – as was doubtless intended – a ludicrous image of me ambushing the pontiff with a pair of handcuffs and marching him off in a half Nelson. Blood out of a stone, but I finally managed to persuade that Murdoch paper to change the headline in the online edition.

In the previous paragraph he states this:

Why is anyone surprised, much less shocked, when Christopher Hitchens and I call for the prosecution of the pope, if he goes ahead with his proposed visit to Britain? The only strange thing about our proposal is that it had to come from us: where have the world’s governments been all this time? Where is their moral fibre? Where is their commitment to treating everyone equally under the law? The UK government, far from standing up for justice for the innocent victims of the Roman Catholic church, is preparing to welcome this grotesquely tainted man on an official visit to the UK so that he can “dispense moral guidance”. Read that again: dispense moral guidance!

The bottom line is that the pope, earlier in his career, covered up pedophilia by priests and refused to deal with the priestly offenders because it might harm the church, basically saying to hell with the victims.  The pope should be arrested and charged with criminal misconduct in this case. 

Anyway, getting back to the WND article by David Kupleian, he lists the evidence that atheists are gaining ground in this country by saying,

President Barack Obama “regularly puts non believers on the same footing as religious Americans,” notes the Wall Street Journal. Even in his Inaugural Address, Obama declared: “For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness. We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and non believers.”

Catch his drift.  Basically he is saying, “what is this country coming to when atheists are consider equal with believers”.  To me, this clearly is saying that Mr. Kupleian doesn’t believe non-believers should have equal rights in this country. 

Folks, it is people like this that are dangerous to liberty in this country, not atheists.


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