Maziarka After the Day of Silence Again

Ginny is at it again with this post on the Day of Silence.  I have submitted a response to it on her blog but given her track record with allowing dissenting comments I doubt it will show up.  At any rate, notice how she jumps to a conclusion without any supporting data whatsoever.  She assumes the day is causing disruptions here in West Bend apparently because that is what Fox News is telling her is happening, or at least should be happening.  Last year, the high school administration reported no disruptions of any kind with this day.  Here’s a comment from her post:

No special interest group should have the ability to seize, jeopardize and compromise educational time to the tune of even 1 cent of taxpayer money.

Does she have any evidence that taxpayer money was spent on this day?  No.  Does she have evidence that instructional time was seized, jeopardized or compromised in any way?  No.  If Friday was like last year’s Day of Silence it would have been a non-event had Ginny not made a spectacle of herself over it. 

Her concern over the wasting of taxpayers’ money, and the disruption of instructional time is a disingenuous cover for her real issue with this day.  Her anti-gay bigotry.   She believes that homosexuality is, in today’s Christianese, an abomination unto the Lord and that it is her job as a Christian to be a “beacon of light” (morality) to a “dying” world.  Unfortunately, she, and many Christians, take this mission seriously and to hell (literally) with anyone who gets offended or hurt by their actions.   She and her ilk have no real compassion for anyone.  They are more concerned with pleasing their god who they believe will judge them one day for their actions here on earth.  They don’t really care about people.  All they really care about is making sure they don’t offend their god by refusing to stand up for truth as defined by him.


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  1. Posted by Patrick's Pal on April 18, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    “Does she have any evidence that taxpayer money was spent on this day? No. ”

    What rock do you live under?


  2. What I am looking for is documentation that the district spent money that they otherwise wouldn’t have had if these demonstrations did not occur. So far neither Ginny nor you have provided that. All we have are allegations. Did the school bring in a speaker for a fee? Did they create posters or other materials to promote the day? Did they have to bring in addtional staff for hall duty to make sure nobody got out of hand with their demonstrations? That kind of stuff. What specifically were the additional costs the district incurred as a result of a student initiated silent demonstration?

    Would you and Ginny be so upset over a similiar demonstration of students with the opposite message? One in which the students who believe homosexuality to be a sin wear t-shirts and remain silent in protest of the perceived support the district is lending homosexuality.


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