The Danger of Ignoring Creationism

Here is an excellent article for your reading enjoyment.  I’d like to highlight part of it:

Back in 1987 Ham published an article entitled “Creationism: Cure for AIDS?” in which he concluded that “the spread of AIDS can be stopped — by simply rejecting false evolution.” In an even more extreme move, Ham and Answers in Genesis opted to commemorate the fifth anniversary of 9/11 by running ads in the Cincinnati Inquirer and in Christianity Today laying the attack at the feet of evolution.Ham and his lot are clearly extremists, so why should we care what they do or say? Wouldn’t we be better off simply ignoring them?

I wish it were so, but, as amazing as it might seem, Answers in Genesis and the Discovery Institute have the ability to shape public policy in frightening ways. Unless many of us keep pointing out what they’re all about, they may well succeed in reshaping America and redefining science in a manner that will do irreparable damage.

And make no mistake about it, Answers in Genesis and the Discovery Institute are close cousins, even though they present different personas. Yes, the Discovery Institute is slicker — with many more lawyers, better suits, and a bevy of political operatives — than the young-earth- and fire-and-brimstone-preaching contingent that makes up the core of Answers in Genesis.

But, most importantly, both groups want the country recast as a Christian fundamentalist nation. And they both abhor the concept of evolution and want science redefined.

Am I being too extreme? You be the judge.

As I pointed out last week, Howard Ahmanson, Jr., one of the Discovery Institute’s biggest donors, has expressed radical views about the role religion should play in America. And that’s putting it mildly, since he’s said, “My goal is the total integration of biblical law into our lives.”



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  1. But ask yourself, what is Creationism built upon Falsehoods and lies. Political Science


  2. Posted by Dave on April 19, 2010 at 8:08 am

    Imagine a world divided into a Christian death cult and a Muslim Taliban death cult, both sides more interested in their “eternal souls” rather than reality. It is frightening to contemplate.


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