Gordon Goggin Misrepresents School Financial Report

Self proclaimed education expert and West Bend School District CFAC member Gordon Goggin runs a Facebook page called Save the West Bend School District.  His wall posts are the usual conservative rant against against all things government despite the name of his page.  Here is his latest post:

Save the West Bend School District Just read the S&P report on the District…clearly says that the District is going to cut 15 teacher and aide positions during the 2010-2011 year. Of note, the report clearly says the District will approach taxpayers again for another referendum within the next year. Contradicts some Board members comments about “not another referendum”!

What report are you referring to? I have no intent to authorize a referendum at this time.
Mon at 6:58pm
the one posted on the WBSD website by Standard & Poors
Yesterday at 6:32pm
Here is the link to the S&P report that he is getting his information from.  So where does the report clearly state that the district will be going out for another referendum within the next year.  Apparently on page 3, in this paragraph: 


We believe the district’s overall net debt burden to be moderate at $2,800 per capita, but low at slightly less than 2.9% of market value. Carrying charges as a percent of total governmental funds expenditures less capital outlay were, in our view, low at 3.6% in fiscal 2009. Amortization, including sinking fund payments, is rapid, with 69% of the district’s direct debt retired over 10 years. A second proposal for $41 million in bonds was also presented to voters in April 2009, but failed to pass. The district indicates that approximately $20 million to $25 million of that total represents its more near-term needs, but the earliest it would approach voters again would be in about a year.

Missed it?  I will repost the part that clearly states the district is going out for another referendum in a year:

but the earliest it would approach voters again would be in about a year.

I must not be as smart as Gordon.  Apparently I have a different definition of “clearly states” than he does.  The district has never hidden the fact that they will need to go out for another construction referendum in the near future.  They still have issues with Jackson and Barton Elementary Schools, McLane is bursting at the seams and Silverbrook is still hemorrhaging heat through its roof.  This report is saying the earliest they would consider holding another building referendum would be next year.  It does not state that they have already determined to do so.   Now the board has stated that they will not consider an operating referendum right now.  Unfortunately, Gordon doesn’t make that distinction.  Why?  Because I don’t think he is really interested in saving the schools as much as he is concerned about making the current administration look bad and saving his tax dollars. 



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    cocky… thats why I didn’t want to marry him


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