Letter to the Editor Repeats Fallacious Arguments Against Evolution

This is just pathetic.  From today’s Daily News opinion page:


Evolution is based on faith more than science 

   Darwin claimed that all organisms on earth descended from a common ancestor through survival of the fittest. This theory has not been proven, but is faithfully supported by those refusing to look at the facts.
   The 1953 experiment by Stanley Miller “proving” that life could form from non-living chemicals has been discredited. In experiments using more accurate atmosphere, only harmful organic molecules have been formed.
   The mathematical probability of a cell being formed through chance and mutation is statistically zero. (Due to the amazing complexity of the smallest single cell.)
   The peppered moth experiment was a hoax. Pictures showing moths landing on tree bark were accomplished by gluing them to the trees. (Moths land on the bottom of leaves.)
   Fossil evidence showing humans evolving from monkeys is lacking. “Java man” was a small piece of skull, thigh bone (found 50 feet away) and several teeth. “Piltdown Man” was actually an orangutan jaw. “Nebraska man” was only one tooth, later an identical tooth was found attached to a wild pig.
   The law of entropy (Second Law of Thermodynamics) supports that the universe is only moving toward decay and disorder, not from chaos to complexity. Approximately 1,000 scientists have signed a document stating “We are skeptical of claims for the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life.” (www.DissentFromDarwin.org.) The intelligent choice is to look into “Intelligent Design.”

Gaile Hanson Slinger


It’s no wonder people like Dawkins refuse to debate these people.  They keep repeating the same old tripe against evolution over and over again.  Let’s take this point by point.  First, scientific theories are never proven.  They become more widely accepted as research confirms them or they become less accepted as research fails to confirm them. 

Second, the Miller-Urey experiments produced cyanide and formaldehyde which by themselves are toxic to life and dangerous.  Much like sodium and chlorine are dangerous by themselves but when combined they form table salt, Cyanide and formaldehyde are necessary building blocks of amino acids and other biochemical compounds.  The experiments also produced amino acids.  See The Counter-Creationism Handbook, pgs 46-47.

The whole idea of the mathematical improbability of life forming by chance is erroneous.  Biochemistry is not chance thereby making the calculation of odds meaningless.  The calculation of odds also ignores the fact that innumerable combination trials would be happening, simultaneously, it assumes the creation of life in its present form and that protein molecules must take one certain form.  Again, refer to The Counter-Creationism Handbook, page 43-44 for more information on this and other sources to refer to. 

The peppered moth experiment wasn’t a hoax.  The fact is the population of moths did go from a light gray/white to a much darker color as a result of the soot on the trees.  The scientists did glue the moths to the trees so they could get a picture to illustrate the color of the moths in contrast with the color of the bark of the trees.  they glued them so the moths would stay in one place long enough to get a photograph.  Moths do not rest exclusively on tree trunks but they do rest there.  One researcher found 47 moths in the wild, 12 on trunks, 20 were on trunk or branch joints and the other 15 were on branches (The Counter-Creationism Handbook, page 78). 

Humans did not evolve from monkeys.  Monkeys and humans share a common ancestor.  There is an abundance of fossil evidence showing the progression of human evolution.  Both Piltdown and Nebraska man were exposed by scientists as a hoax.  Both are examples of the scientific process working well. 

The Second Law of Thermodynamics applies only to closed systems.  The earth is not a closed system as it receives energy from the sun.  Secondly, the Second Law of Thermodynamics says that heat will not spontaneously flow from a colder source to a warmer source and that the total amount of useful energy in a closed system will not decrease.   Entropy and disorder are not synonymous. 

And finally, 1,000 scientists signing a petition means diddly squat.  There are hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of scientists in the world today, so one thousand coming together to disagree with the vast majority is simply meaningless.


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