Brian Sussman-TV Meterologist and Author of Climategate

I’m sitting here now and listening to Crosstalk on VCY America.  Jim Schneider is interviewing a guy by the name of Brian Sussman.  He is a conservative TV weatherman who has written a book claiming that all of global warming science is a hoax.  I’ve been searching on the internet for information about him and there isn’t much other than the science denialists singing him the praises.  I did find an interesting article here.

Before Spencer Christian, a weather forecaster with KGO-TV Channel 7 in San Francisco, steps before the camera during the station’s 6 p.m. newscast, he scrutinizes a computer screen to analyze the latest forecasting data.

But unlike some of his counterparts, Christian doesn’t view his extensive knowledge of storm fronts and high-pressure systems on the week’s weather as credentials to assess the effects of greenhouse gases on the Earth’s climate in the coming decades.

“The climatologists are the experts in this field,” said Christian, who started weather reporting in 1975 and worked for 12 years as the weather anchor on “Good Morning America” in New York City before joining KGO-TV in 1999.

Christian is among the majority of TV weathercasters — but a slim majority, only 54 percent — who believe that the planet is warming, according to a new survey.

The article does mention Sussman later on and quotes other meteorologists and that are rather frustrated with him.  Is Spencer Christian correct?  Do meteorologists not have the expertise to analyze climate change science?  One thing I can tell you.  As I am listening to him on the radio, he so far hasn’t said anything that I haven’t heard before so I’m not sure what is so great about his new book.


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  1. Posted by freetoken on April 23, 2010 at 4:41 am

    There has been a considerable amount written online about the TV weathermen, often labeled incorrectly as “meteorologists”, being askew from the scientific consensus on AGW.

    Remember, TV weather people are first entertainers, such being the state of the “news” industry today.

    The AMS position on AGW is quite clear, and it is written by academics who study meteorology.

    The AGW-denial industry creates books like the creationist industry does – to be comfort food for the non-scientists who want to not be challenged.


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