World Net Daily Continues to Threaten World Health With Its Promotion of Anti-Vaccine Junk Science

Vaccine safety is a staple of right-wing  paranoia and fear.  Vaccines were initially considered to be dangerous because they were thought to contain mercury in a preservative, thimerosal, which the science denialists claimed caused autism.   But when the FDA removed thimerosal from all vaccines by 2002 and the rate of autism still continued to climb they needed a new scapegoat.  There are many who still believe that vaccines are some sort of cover-up or conspiracy and that they still contain mercury or more harmful mercury substitutes. 

This World Net Daily article advances the idea that vaccines contain aborted human fetal tissue and that is causing autism cases to increase.  Not only is this kind of thing junk science it is irresponsible and a danger to public health. 

Check out the article and then check out this link Do Vaccines contain Aborted Fetal Tissue? and do some research.  World Net Daily has proved itself over and over again of being an untrustworthy source of information.  Their credibility in my book is absolute zero.  And consider this, is it really rational to believe that all of the medical professionals and scientists who have developed these vaccines and administer them would really cover up something they knew to be harmful to children?  We would be  talking about hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of medical professionals deliberately trying to harm children.  As Carl Sagan said, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and the anti-vaccine quacks haven’t even come close to providing it.


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  1. Posted by nhokkanen on April 28, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    “[T]he FDA removed thimerosal from all vaccines by 2002”?

    Wrong. It was PARTIALLY PHASED OUT. Children still receive 60% of the 1999 amount if they get influenza vaccinations.

    Go to the FDA website where current Thimerosal content is listed. Thimerosal is still used in vaccine manufacture. Present, too, are increasing amounts of aluminum. Ask a toxicologist about the synergistic effect of Thimerosal and aluminum, or search PubMed.

    Also, don’t confuse “anti-vaccine” with “vaccine safety advocate.” It’s a specious overgeneralization that fails to account for honest reports of vaccine injuries — such as that of a 57-year-old doctor who injured by a flu shot who recently received an award through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

    Public confidence can only be improved with transparency, less reliance on overseas epidemiology, and more clinical toxicity and immunology studies. Read the journal article “Adversomics: The Emerging Field of Vaccine Adverse Event Immunogenetics” by the Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Gregory Poland, et al.

    For another view on how little scientists truly know about mercury’s neurotoxic effects, read:


    • See this article from the FDA.
      And from the article itself:

      “At present, all routinely recommended vaccines for U.S. infants are available only as thimerosal-free formulations or contain only trace amounts of thimerosal (≤1 than micrograms mercury per dose), with the exception of inactivated influenza vaccine. Inactivated influenza vaccine for pediatric use is available in a thimerosal-preservative containing formulation and in formulations that contain either no thimerosal or only a trace of thimerosal, but the latter is in more limited supply; ”

      Near the end of the article there is a table showing the occurence of thimersoal in vaccines. The other article you refer to in The Scientist was addressing the issue of mercury toxicity from eating fish. That’s a completely different risk level. I only skimmed through it but I didn’t see anything relating the research that article described to infant vaccines. And finally, I choose to trust current medical science. Certainly there are risks with any type of vaccince or drug that we ingest. The question is, do the risks of the disease they are trying to prevent outweight the risks of the vaccine. On this, I firmly believe the science is settled that vaccines are worth the infintesimally small risk of their side effects.


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