New Intelligent Design Journal

The Discovery Institute has created a new “peer-reviewed” journal dedicated to promoting intelligent design called BIO-complexity.  They have created it because they can’t get their research published in any reputable journals so they can now claim that they have peer-reviewed researched to back up their claims.  I have pointed out before that simply getting a paper published in a peer-reviewed journal is only the first step in developing scientific theories.  If the paper is ignored by the scientific community then it is a good indication that its findings aren’t considered important or credible.  This happens not just to intelligent design oriented work but to a whole host of other scientists pursuing mainstream scientific ideas.  It took decades for plate tectonics to be taken seriously.  Many papers submitted to reputable journals such as Science and Nature get rejected because they haven’t followed sound protocol or simply because the ideas presented in the paper are considered quackery.  The Discovery Institute makes it sound like ID is the only subject that gets rejected outright by journals.  There isn’t a reputable journal around that would publish a paper claiming to have found a way to trisect angles, create perpetual motion machines or confirm that the earth is flat and the sun revolves around the earth.  Intelligent design/creationism is in the same categories as those long dismissed relics of ignorance. 

The Discovery Institute also likes to trot out Richard Sternberg as their poster child for ID persecution.  In the same article the link above points to, they hold him out again as their martyr and continue to spread the same misinformation regarding his dismissal from the Smithsonian. 

But surely, you might ask, there’s an open-minded editor at some journal somewhere who would give ID a fair shake? I do know of one such editor, Richard Sternberg, who several years ago sent out for review an article by some guy defending a design perspective and then, when the article passed peer-review, Sternberg published it. If there are any remaining open-minded editors willing to send out similar articles for peer-review, the Sternberg affair reminds them what will happen if they do.

Check this link out for the real story behind Sternberg.  It was Sternberg himself who violated protocol and did not get the paper properly reviewed.  He essentially peer-reviewed it himself. 

It will be interesting to see if BIO-complexity allows papers advancing evolution and/or challenging ID to be published.  After all, the Discovery Institute is highly committed to academic freedom and teaching the controvers,y and for so long they have criticized journals for discriminating against views that are contrary to the journal’s ideological bent.  Will they uphold the same principles that they demand mainstream journals uphold?  I doubt it.


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