Those Wonderful Private Companies Government Should Emulate

So is the kind of private business we should run our schools and other government agencies like: 

BP Spent Millions to Evade Safety Rules

Posted on: May 7, 2010 9:09 AM, by Ed Brayton

I’m sure this will come as an enormous shock to those who are completely oblivious to reality. British Petroleum, while posting record profits, also spent record amounts of its own money on lobbying to weaken environmental and safety regulations and keep the taxpayer subsidy spigot open over the last couple years. Antonia Juhasz reports some of the astonishing figures in The Guardian:

BP is one of the most powerful corporations operating in the United States. Its 2009 revenues of $327bn are enough to rank BP as the third-largest corporation in the country. It spends aggressively to influence US policy and regulatory oversight.In 2009, the company spent nearly $16m on lobbying the federal government, ranking it among the 20 highest spenders that year, and shattering its own previous record of $10.4m set in 2008. In 2008, it also spent more than $530,000 on federal elections, placing it among the oil industry’s top 10 political spenders.

Sometimes its possible to have a little too much faith in the private sector.  Read the rest of the post here on Dispatches from the Culture Wars.


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