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Ginny Maziarka Complains About Library’s Support of Endangered Species

From her blog, Wissup:

Local Library Takes Up Advocacy for…..gorillas?

Our local Young Adult Librarian, Kristin Pekoll (you know, the one who apparently chooses the sexually inappropriate books for our youth at our library) is now partnering with WBHS students in advocating for ….. gorillas.

Today’s West Bend News:

A number of our animal species are becoming increasingly endangered. 

    Among them are the gentle, noble and intelligent mountain gorillas. Internet sources say only about 600 to 700 of these majestic creatures are alive today and that number dwindles as their homeland is destroyed. 

    The West Bend Library is partnering with S.e.e.d, the environmental club at West Bend High School, to show people that what we do locally can affect things globally. 

I have no problem with those who want to spend their time trying to save gorillas, whales, pandas, ants, et. al,  from extinction, but I am wondering….

Would the library consider partnering with pro-life WBHS students by placing a box for maternity clothing and baby items for collection at the library to encourage women not to kill their babies?

Do public libraries generally advocate for anything not related to library issues?

Since the last library board meeting minutes posted are from February 2nd, one can hardly know if the library board approved this advocacy or not, but one can certainly learn a lot about the crappy, leaky roof.

Now she is seeing phantoms of liberal conspiracy behind the  library’s effort to educate children about endangered species.  In the mind of the religious right, environmentalism of almost any kind is viewed with suspicion because they believe it can lead to worshiping the creation and not the creator.  Environmentalism is also viewed as a conspiratorial attempt for liberal socialists to control our behavior and usher in a global Marxian utopia.  Again, they dismiss the science behind it all.  They could care less if there is actual science behind the decimation of gorilla populations or any other impact humans have on the environment.  They simply dismiss it all as fraud perpetrated by the liberal elitists and march forward with their religious crusade against humanity.  How anyone can take this woman seriously is beyond my intellectual prowess.